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My father in law slipped in washroom 2 days agoAnd his backbone for left hand side is significantly affectedHe is in haryanaFar away from meHe is suffering from unbearable pain till nowPlease suggest me some treatment or medicine or injectionHowever he is very old man and recently he was admitted in hospital for 1 month because of his drinking habitAnd after coming home this happened please suggest me something as soon as possible.

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StrainMajority of the cases related to back pain occur due to strain in many parts of the bodyThese includeStrained ligaments Strained muscles Improper lifting Lifting something too heavy in an incorrect posture A muscle spasm Abrupt or awkward movement Structural problemsProblems such as bulging discsa disorder of the rubbery disk within the bones of the spinearthritisabnormal curvature of spinea condition in which the spine curves downwardosteoporosisbones becoming brittle and weakand ruptured discsalmost similar to bulging discsCauda equina syndromea condition in which the spine nerve roots get compressedInfection in spine Cancer in spine Sleep disorders Awkward postures.

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