Trileptal and bipolar disorder

Serum sodium levels below 125 mmol l have been observed in patients treated with trileptal see warnings and precautions 5.

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Information about Trileptal.

Data on a limited number of pregnancies from pregnancy registries suggest congenital malformations associated with oxcarbazepine monotherapy useegcraniofacial defects such as oral clefts and cardiac malformations such as ventricular septal defects)

Concurrent use of TRILEPTAL with hormonal contraceptives may render these contraceptives less effectivesee CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGYStudies with other oral or implant contraceptives have not been conducted.

Stopping TRILEPTAL suddenly can cause serious problemsStopping a seizure medicine suddenly in a patient who has epilepsy may cause seizures that will not stopstatus epilepticus

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what special warning s should i be aware of when taking trileptal oxcarbazepine.

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