my camera, I can freeze these dramas, he says

canada goose Striking photographs from a London bus canada goose

For more than 10 years, George canada goose outlet sale Georgiou lived largely in his car. From a five door hatchback, the native Londoner of Greek Cypriot canada goose outlet us descent and his wife, fellow photographer Vanessa Winship, travelled canada goose outlet across Ukraine, Georgia, Turkey and the US canada goose outlet uk and shot canada goose outlet in canada pictures everywhere they went.

canada goose black friday sale Three years ago, Georgiou decided to return home. He canada goose jacket outlet store settled in Folkestone, close canada goose parka uk to the Channel Tunnel. On a homecoming to his native London, Georgiou caught one of the city red buses. canada goose black friday sale

Observing from the window, he says, he was struck by the state of flux of canada goose outlet black friday sale the city of his birth. He had always called London his home but now he hardly recognised the many new veins of the city, the ceaseless crowds, the rising new homes, the churning humanity.

Canada Goose sale View image of canada goose outlet michigan George Georgiou’s canada goose shop uk photographs inspired by « seeing so many people canada goose outlet toronto address living together » (Credit: Credit: George Georgiou) Canada Goose sale

canada goose clearance sale had quite suddenly become the most international place on earth, Georgiou says. canada goose outlet london had opened up to people who have no heritage or connection in London, apart from their wanting to make this their home. Seeing so many people living together, and, mostly, making it work I found it very powerful. canada goose clearance sale

cheap Canada Goose For many, many people, London had become the last stop, the final destination on a long journey George Georgiou cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose Parka realised that, for many, many people, London had become the last stop, the final destination on a long journey, the Holy Grail of the Western dream, he says. wanted to try and understand this: the way people share the city, the everyday movements, the rhythms and rituals of the city. wanted to explore the whole city, he canada goose outlet online uk says, the centre to the suburbs. East, west, north and south. would spend up to 12 hours a day riding bus routes entire length. canada goose outlet in montreal I would see a destination on a bus canada goose factory outlet toronto location I hadn heard of before, or my familiarity was the name of the place on a map, he says. curiosity would always make me pick that bus and follow it to the end of the line. Canada Goose Parka

Canada Goose Jackets Georgiou began to view his photographs as « micro dramas Each one froze a pregnant moment in strangers lives caught fleetingly and randomly by the movement of the bus. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose clearance I would see tiny scenes that could have been taken from a soap opera Georgiou canada goose clearance

would see tiny scenes that could have been taken from a soap opera, he says. small interaction or canada goose outlet phone number dynamic, an embrace, or an argument, a glance at another, or a moment of canada goose outlet location total solitude. I would find myself inventing narratives canada goose outlet uk sale for the people I photographed, he says.

canada goose coats View image of Georgiou would take a bus from one end of the line to the other (Credit: Credit: George Georgiou) canada goose coats

In one image, a couple stand stiffly opposite each other, holding hands yet keeping their distance. In another, an old woman seems to exchange a cigarette for something with two young men. An argument breaks out in an upmarket restaurant. A homeless man awakes, confused from a dream, on the edges of the wet streets. Children chase canada goose outlet toronto factory a huge balloon in the grounds of a council estate. An elderly gentleman stumbles along a busy road.

canadian goose jacket View image of Sometimes Georgiou was close enough to touch his canada goose outlet authentic subjects (Credit: Credit: George Georgiou) canadian goose jacket

The photographs of Last Stop are searing in their intimacy. Georgiou, sat by the window, was often enough to touch the people he photographed, he says. Only the window pane and his camera lens separated him from his accidental subjects.

Canada Goose online Dramas from a distance Canada Goose online

canada goose store There an element of voyeurism here, a certain exploitation of private moments in public places. canada goose store

buy canada goose jacket In a city, we always looking into other people lives Georgiou buy canada goose jacket

this voyeuristic aspect is crucial to the experience of the city, he says. a city, we always looking into other people lives. We all do it, but this voyeurism is what makes living in the city so beautiful; all this humanity and never ending narratives and dramas. That why I love the experience of London, these small, random encounters, micro dramas caught from a distance, allowing us fill the gaps. my camera, I can freeze these dramas, he says. looking back, we all know what happening. We can instantly recognise the emotion in the images. Stop is not purely about people. When Georgiou settled on the upper level of a bus, he allowed himself a broader view, situating the micro dramas in their architectural context.

buy canada goose jacket cheap View image of Georgiou’s photography explores how public spaces allow canada goose outlet las vegas people to be solitary (Credit: Credit: George Georgiou) buy canada goose jacket cheap

This triangulation between street portraiture, architectural studies and the landscape is a key aspect of Last Stop.

canada goose deals of interaction and proximity are changing, between what the French anthropologist Marc Aug calls non places, he canada goose coats uk writes in canada goose outlet kokemuksia the introduction to Last Stop. public spaces are designed for people to move through in solitude but without isolation, layered against an organic historical city with deep traditions, where old and new are interwoven canada goose deals.

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