In fact, almost half of those surveyed 47 percent have an

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buy canada goose jacket Friday Night Lights the book, movie, and television show does a pretty good job of explaining how important football is in the state of Texas. It starts at a young age. Friday night is canada goose outlet vancouver for high school football. Then Texans choose between UT, Tech or A on Saturday. It used canada goose jacket outlet store to be that they transitioned to being a full time Cowboys or more recently Texans fan on Sunday. That changed a bit. According to a UT/TT survey, the folks in Texas do not have a favorable opinion of the NFL. In fact, almost half of those surveyed 47 percent have an unfavorable view of the NFL.The first thing everyone will point to is the politicization of the buy canada goose uk league thanks to president Trump obsession canada goose factory outlet with the league national anthem issues. Nothing is apolitical anymore. Even small things can get politicized. The anthem issue was just asking for it. Once Trump took his stand, it logical to think his most ardent supporters followed without thinking about it. For some people, canada goose outlet 80 off what Trump says goes, and canada goose outlet uk there are parts of Texas that a deep red. Those people will obviously have issues with the NFL.There are other things to consider when it comes to the league. The Cowboys and Jerry Jones had an all out battle in the media over Ezekiel Elliott suspension. This is similar to what the Patriots and their fans went through with Tom Brady. If UT/TT surveyed Patriots fans about how they felt about the NFL and league as a whole after Brady suspension, we have similar results. Heck, survey Patriots fans now and they have an unfavorable view of the league as a whole and its commissioner. Cowboys fans make up most of the fan demographic in Texas. They aren going to say nice things about a league and canada goose outlet buffalo commissioner who they feel ruined the Cowboys season in canada goose outlet in uk 2018.There are other obvious things that could factor in, but those are probably small contributors. Some fans simply don like the game of football. Other fans are starting to become more concerned about CTE. Others may feel that owners are taking advantage of players, and there probably a small contingent who support player protests and hate the NFL cutting the proverbial baby in half with their most recent rule.This isn all about Trump. It a combination of things. One thing is empirically true, this is a bellwether survey for the NFL. They should be concerned. Texans usually love football in all forms. Right now they do not like the NFL. Those who are angry enough to whine, cry and boycott canada goose outlet germany a league because of peaceful protest in the name of social justice well, they apparently don have the longest attention spans.However one Indiana lawmaker is doing his best to make sure that the controversy never dies. Republican state representative Milo Smith from District 59 has proposed and filed legislation that wouldrequire the Indianapolis Colts to offer their fans a refund if Colts players kneel during the playing of the national anthem at home games.RelatedVice president Mike Pence tweets he is attending Colts game, quickly tweets he is leavingAccording to the Indy Star, Smith bill would allow the offended fans to ask for a refund during the first when they take a knee during the national anthem, it’s not respecting the national anthem or our country, Smith said. government isn’t perfect, but it still the bestcountry in the world and I think we need to be respectful of it.He didn leave the game, but canada goose outlet store quebec less than two weeks later, Mike Pence attended a Colts game only to make a scene by walking out after Colts players took a knee.RelatedNFL no win situation gets worse when it comes to canada goose outlet montreal protests during anthemPer the Indy Star, executive canada goose factory outlet vancouver director of the ACLU Indiana, Jane Henegar, contends that the bill could be a constitutional violation on the grounds that the government shouldn canada goose outlet online reviews be able to weigh in and influence the political speech of private actors.Smith defense is that the bill wouldn legally prohibit someone from kneeling. He also infamously played a huge role in advancing a proposedconstitutional ban on same sex marriage just three years ago, in spite of the fact that he known for20 years that his own son, Chris, is gay.Much like the insane lawsuit from a Saints season ticket holder canada goose outlet online who felt personally wronged by the kneeling, this bill won go anywhere. It just one man way of abusing his elected power to make an arbitrary political canada goose outlet michigan statement.More NFL News!Week 6 NFL TV maps and scheduleJaguars to London rumors start up againPresident Trump, NFL protests and ratings: Deep dive into numbersHere a little look inside the secret sauce of internetting in our time that isn a word by the way. Take the craziest line or comment from a long form piece on the thoughtfulness of a protest and a discussion on how two sides who dislike each other worked together and plaster it on all the headlines. That what happened with the piece by Don Van Natta and Seth canada goose outlet in vancouver Wickersham that was posted on ESPN about the protest during the anthem meetings in New York. Somehow, with all the encouraging news about real discourse, and Jerry Jones finally losing a battle with other owners, canada goose outlet black friday we land on Bob McNair inappropriate and incorrect use of a colloquialism.Now this is all about McNair characterizing the players as McNair was referencing the idea that labor should not be making major decisions for the good of a company. That management and ownership job. That an idea that is questionable, but that how a lot of companies are managed especially how companies were managed when canada goose coats uk McNair made his billions. That how he views business. That not necessarily the right view especially in sports where the labor is the product and the players should have more power than they do but that how McNair views it.But let try and take a step back from the outrage, because that canada goose outlet all his comments are about: management/labor views. Did McNair use a horrible colloquialism at the time? Absolutely. He should have chosen his terms better. He shouldn have referenced inmates at all especially canada goose sale uk in regards to a protest focused on racial inequality. He should have said something to the point of not having too many cooks in the kitchen or maybe he should have just said it our job as management to make decisions that are best for the business of football and we can have it both ways right now. Using the term inmates is the problem because it only heightens the racial divide. It only increases the viewpoint that white ownership dislikes its predominantly black players. Using inmates in this situation almost makes the point of the players who are protesting. It denotes an inequality. The thing is it most likely wasn intentional, and focusing on the line is focusing on the wrong thing. McNair even apologized immediately. He used the wrong term at the wrong time. In fact, he used the incorrect figure out speech. The term is inmates running the asylum not the prison. If he said asylum, people would still be up in arms.But that one line in an entire article that focused on some good things. The players and owners are working together. The hard line owners Jerry Jones, Daniel Snyder and McNair were named are losing out to other owners who understand they can just make players do what they want. Players are taking back power. Robert Kraft a personal friend of Donald Trump is explaining to owners that they can just steamroll the players at every canada goose outlet trillium parka black turn. Player leadership is improving which will help in collective bargaining negotiations as well as provide examples in the communities. The commissioner of the NFL is actually doing his job and trying to build a consensus rather than rolling over for some of his buddy buddy powerful owners. We found out that there were sponsors that told the league they would pull their deal if the league forced players to stand. That a big deal! Jerry Jones received immense push back and that always fun always well.So to recap in a 4,480 word article, let not simply focus on canada goose vest outlet a three word colloquial phrase. McNair chose his words very poorly, but we aren psychiatrists or psychologists and we don know what going on in McNair subconscious mind. It was a mistake, a gaffe, a horrible use of words at the worst time. Let focus instead on the actual article: The fact that multiple players are taking leadership roles. That almost two thirds of owners don think there should be a forced rule to make players stand. That NFL leadership is actually doing a job rather than parroting powerful owners. Players and owners are working together. This is good, and it means the protest is working at some level. For once, the owners and players sat in a room and didn leave wanting to kill each other. There was a kinder relationship. What some called a mutual respect. Both sides finally listened to each other.By all reports, things went well today in New York. Owners and players came together, and they didn even discuss the national anthem supposedly. They did discuss the players concerns. They discussed how they can move forward together and help players with their social activism. They worked as a team. That important when it comes to the collective bargaining agreement. For so long, the players and owners have had an almost pugilistic relationship. That apparently didn happen today. The owners didn demand players had to stand during the anthem. They respected their view point and tried to see how they could help instead of just looking for a fix.It was the first time the groups had a common goal. Most of the time they are going against each other. Usually it has to do with the commissioner powers to suspend. Sometimes it has to do with the leagues drug policy. Lately there been a lot of talk about player safety. That just in season. We haven even brought up the last CBA negotiation. So this love fest could be short lived, but at least it happened. Again, it happened with a common goal figuring out the next steps after protests during the national anthem so let not get too excited.Something is better than nothing. Maybe they can parlay this momentum into real movement. Maybe the NFLPA and NFL can start early negotiations on the CBA. Maybe they can finally get along and realize that the league needs owners and players working together for this whole thing to succeed. The NFL is canada goose outlet shop still the king of American sports. If it wants to stay there, the players and owners are going to have to work together buy canada goose jacket.

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