Finding Bissell Proheat Carpet Cleaner Review

I purchased this a couple weeks past, and wish I had gotten it years back, when I was thinking of it. We purchased and moved into a home a couple of months ago. The people who’d lived here before us had the menagerie of creatures, and seemingly little concern for potty training them. After we toured the home it wasn »t so clear to us, however once we introduced our own pets (two big dogs and an older cat), it became apparent fairly quickly that the smells were noticeable to them. Therefore, they began marking their land.

I’ve used many powders, sprays, and eventually broke down and rented a carpet cleaner out of a location which was in my way home from work. This was the worst thought, since their machine ended up creating ALL of my items odor even MORE like pee. I rented a carpet physician in the more reliable source (how sad is it my local supermarket is a more reliable source than a vaccum mechanic?) , and must work. I spent sixteen hours of this 24-hr lease period canvassing our whole house double. It smelled and looked fantastic, eliminate another carpet cleaner »s urine odor, and the majority of the areas in our property. There were a few stubborn ones, which I assaulted with a number of the receptor sprays which were highly examined on Amazon.

Now, the carpet doctor is really neat. I was sort of thinking that I could only buy one of these, since leasing one each month appeared redundant. So, I got online (amazon to be particular ), and began comparing consumer carpet cleaners. I read several reviews, and eventually settled with this one, since quite a few people seemed to favor it to some Hoover. I was planning to purchase one Prime, but caught my puppy barfing his dinner, and decided I wanted one pronto. I wished to find the ProPet, but it wasn »t stock, but that was my next option, and it hasn »t disappointed yet.

No missing parts, nothing backward, I didn’t swear once throughout the whole procedure so that you  »ve got to understand it »s user friendly.

It runs easily, and isn »t overly loud. It »s none where you can watch TV as you use it, but the sound is similar to our own vaccum. I will certainly have a conversation within the quantity without feeling as I »m crying. I enjoy that while the wash water bladder is wrapped in, it »s simple to replace and remove. I »ve been carrying it out every time I wash the filthy water resevoir, simply to ensure everything is rinsed off and I am totally paranoid of it getting stinky like the vaccum place »s machine, so I wash it out completely. I harbor  »t learned how to take apart the shirt very yet so that I can wipe out the extractor entirely, but it appears like it’s going to merely want a screwdriver if I really feel the need.

It extracts water fairly well, also as excellent as the Rug Doctor. The one thing which I see as a small catch 22 is that while it »s great at extracting water, it »s also great at extracting anything the vaccum missed. I don »t know whether this means that I require a brand new vaccum, but it always appears to get pieces of carpet lint and fur it is going to leave balled up supporting it. That part is fine, since it’ is not likely to clog up with the extractor, and the lint balls are simple to pick up, but its still not more powerful. No matter the point I »m attempting to get into is DO NOT use this with no vaccuming first. I »m a tired vaccumer since our puppies shed like mad, and though the carpet appears pristine following a vaccum, it picks up stuff.

I gave this only 4 stars, since I wish there were attachments as soon as it has to do with the tools. It’s a convenient small brush, but I had been hoping for more flexibility. It »s also somewhat clunky when attempting to get this up and down stairs I just wind up dragging the danged thing, but its great for building muscle, I figure. It goes well on carpeting, doesn »t grab such as the Rug Doctor did (we’ve super thick Berber upstairs), and stores easily in our broom cupboard.

It will get the carpeting really clean, manages to capture hair and dirt I wasn »t able to view, and continues to be instrumental in making my home smell better. I »ve already been using it after a week because I made it home, save to the 3x first week to clean up remaining pet messes. I »ve got quite a little assurance it will last for many months and lots of cleanings to come.

I have 5 puppies that monitor in a great deal of dirt. Previously I owned a Hoover Dual-V, the brushes and the tanks didn’t hold up and were quite costly to replace. This Bissell ProHeat 2X is a fantasy come true for me personally. I really like the roller brushes and it’s very, very simple to dump and refill the tank. Ensure that you maintain the filter washed out to your best suction.

Now I am retired and doing the housework because the Mrs remains functioning. This is actually the third time working with this machine. Easy to use and replace and drain the water. I utilize the 2x formulation and discover the solution will appear to survive longer. The carpets look good. 1 wet pass clean, 1 tender stoke,1 wet pass rinse, and 3 tender moves to soak up excess water. Carpets are dry inside 3.5 hrs. Clean-up of machine can also be straightforward. I would recommend this device for cleaning. Finally Momma is joyful. What’s the ole saying? If momma aint joyful no one will be.

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